Defense Attorney Referrals:

  1. The question often arises, "Does it really matter which bail agency I refer my clients to?" The answer is, "Absolutely yes!" In our opinion, referrals are a direct reflection on you as a professional attorney and your law firm. The wrong referral will leave a bad taste in your client’s mouth. The worst case scenario is that your client will lose confidence in your ability to competently and professionally represent them and will go to one of your competitors. On the other hand, the right bail agency referral will give your client the confidence and peace of mind that their attorney is looking out for their best interests and cares about their needs in a crisis situation. They will know that their attorney is always available, day or night, through their trusted bail agent.

  2. Many attorneys believe that bail agents and attorneys compete for a client's limited ability to pay fees. At You Walk Bail Bond Agency we do not believe that we are in competition. It is our job to help you complete your job effectively. We offer several programs that make it easy for you clients to obtain their release regardless of funding or collateral ability. It is our job to guarantee that your client gets out quickly and with no hassles, so you look good. Bail agents at You Walk Bail Bond Agency know that our actions are a direct reflection on you and your business. We go the extra mile for any attorney referral and treat all clients with the utmost care, empathy and respect. We specialize in putting people at ease in stressful situations. We want to be your bail agency for today, tomorrow, and for years to come.

  3. We are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year (we never close). We have flexible terms and conditions with your clients. We can access immediate bail information anywhere in the country. We can provide free warrant checks. We can come to you or your clients (you never have to leave your office).

  4. Bail agents at You Walk Bail Bond Agency would be honored to meet with you at your convenience, in order to personally introduce ourselves and explain all of our exclusive programs for those clients with retained counsel. Let us show you why when you deal with You Walk Bail Bond Agency: “You Walk . . . because we help.” isn't just a saying, it's our way of doing business.